Things That Are Not True About The Dark Web

Things That Are Not True About The Dark Web

The dark web has been operating for many years, allowing people to enjoy greater security than they do on the surface web. Despite that, many people do not know the true things about the dark net.

This is because there are many myths surrounding this part of the internet. It is easy to know things that are true about the dark web, but you may be confused about false information. If so, there is no need to be confused anymore.

Here are the top untrue things about the dark web that you must know.

  1. The Dark Web And Deep Web are Not The Same

The three types of web that people know about are the surface web, dark web, and deep web. Most of you may know that the former internet is the regular web that everyone uses. However, many people believe that the dark and deep webs are the same thing, which is why they use the terms interchangeably.

The deep web is the hidden part of the internet because it contains content that is not indexed by search engines. A prime example of non-indexed things includes password-protected sites. Your Gmail account and Google Drive are secure and not indexed on search engines to offer you privacy.

Meanwhile, the dark web is that part of the internet that contains hidden sites that one can access only through a special browser. You can consider it to be a small branch of the deep web.

Remember that deep net does not require special browsers or permissions. The dark web also contains sites that are protected by passwords, which is why it makes up 0.01% of the deep web.

The deep web also makes up more than 90% of the internet, making it wider than the dark net. Paid services such as Netflix and Amazon are also some examples of the deep web. Your account on these sites will be protected by a password you set.

The dark Web And Deep Web Are Not The Same

  1. Dark Web Can Only Be Accessed By Tor Browser

Whenever you search for information on the dark web, you will also be told that this internet can only be used through the Tor browser. However, that is not true. Tor browser is the most famous app that people use to access the dark net, but there are many other options available.

You can also use Firefox to access the dark net by configuring the app to the Tor network. Another program that allows you to use the surface web and dark net is the Invisible Internet Project. The I2P platform masks your data and lets you use deeper parts of the web through keys.

The main feature of dark web browsers is that they maintain your anonymity through various methods. Some may mask your data inflow, while others may use encryption layers for security. A common thing between these browsers is that they are able to load onion links.

If you don’t like the Tor browser because of its layout or functionality, you can opt for other programs to use the dark net. There are also apps such as Tails browser, which are modified Tor versions with a better interface to offer a good user experience.

Opera browser can also be used for visiting onion links and keeping your online identity hidden.

  1. The Dark Web Is Illegal In Every Country

Many people are fearful of using the dark web because they believe it is illegal in their country. This is not true for all places because some nations do not have dark net restrictions. For example, the US government created this web, so it is legal in America.

People in the UK can also access the dark internet legally. Many other European countries do not have restrictions on their citizens using the dark web. However, if you use this net for criminal purposes, you can be charged with illegal conduct.

Meanwhile, the dark net is illegal in countries with internet restrictions. These include China, Russia, and Iran. Their governments disapprove of all webs except the surface web. They also have many censorship restrictions that make activities such as visiting a journalism site on the dark net illegal too.

If you’re interested in using the dark net to keep your online presence anonymous, find out more about the laws of your region. Accessing the dark web legally will not put you into trouble for visiting streaming sites or news platforms.

Avoiding unlawful activities on the dark net will keep you safe from government monitoring while letting you enjoy uncensored content.

  1. Your Identity Is Always Hidden On The Dark Web

Many individuals use the dark web because they assume it keeps their identity hidden at all times. However, this is not true. It will make it difficult for people to track your activity, but the web does not make it impossible for someone to find your identity.

This is because the Tor network has exit nodes. It is the last server that has been used between the browser and your last dark activity. This means that someone with advanced tools can find out your identity using your online activity.

Most websites today use HTTPS tools to encrypt these nodes so that no one can access your information. However, all platforms on the dark net do not use this security feature. This means your anonymity may not always be maintained.

You can keep yourself secure on the dark net by using websites with HTTPS protocols. Using tools such as paid VPN can also offer you better security by masking your IP address. The app will encrypt your traffic to alter your online activity.

Remember that at any given time, the anonymity provided by the dark web will be greater than the security on the surface web. So it is the best option if you want to browse sites anonymously and keep your online activity private.

  1. Criminals Cannot Be Caught If They Use Dark Web

This is a common myth that many people believe is true about the dark web. Less tech-savvy criminals use the dark net without fearing that law enforcement authorities will catch them. However, you must be cautious if you’re using this net for illegal things, such as selling stolen goods.

Authorities have taken down many illegal markets on the dark web, such as Silk Road and Hydra Market. Most illegal sites sell drugs to street vendors and individual customers. This is why the FBI and other security agencies plan thoroughly to apprehend criminals behind illegal dark net markets.

Criminals are not offered complete protection from being caught on the dark web. Undercover agents may infiltrate your password-protected site on this internet to find out what you’re selling. They may also use IP tracing to discover your last known location.

The taking down of Genesis Market is a prime example that even the most encrypted site run by smart criminals is not immune to prosecution. This platform only allowed members to join through an invitation from an insider, yet the government found out it was being used to sell stolen credentials and other data on the dark net.

If you engage in criminal activity on the dark internet, today may be the right time to stop. This will help you save yourself from jail time.

  1. Censorship Restrictions Can Only Be Bypassed On The Dark Web

Censorship means that a platform or its content may not be accessible in your region due to government restrictions. The same site may be available in a different country with lenient laws. People believe that a censored site can only be accessed on the dark web, but that is incorrect.

It is not necessary to visit the dark internet if you want to view a platform unavailable in your region. You can see the site on the surface web by using a proxy.

You can also bypass the censorship laws of your region by using a VPN. The app can connect you to a country in which the specific site and its content are available to users. This will allow you to see the content without worrying about your location being revealed.

The VPN will mask your IP address to ensure your identity remains hidden. Of course, using a proxy to bypass censorship restrictions will be illegal in your region. So you will have to tread carefully.

However, even using the dark internet to bypass censorship restrictions can be illegal in your region. In fact, just opening this web will be an offense in itself. You will be breaking more laws if you use the dark net for online browsing in your restricted country.

Censorship Restrictions Can Only Be Bypassed On The Dark Web

  1. The Dark Web Cannot Be Used For Legitimate Purposes

Anyone who tells you that the dark web does not have legal content or sites is lying to you. They may not have the correct facts to give you authentic information. This internet may be famous for illegal activity, but it does offer legitimate content.

For example, Facebook has an official Tor version for people who do not use the surface web. You can use the social media network while enjoying better online security. The dark web is also used by many journalists to receive tips from anonymous sources.

A whistleblowing site has also been created to benefit journalists and government agencies. People can use SecureDrop legally on the dark net to report crimes or speak to journalists by sharing information in encrypted files.

Many discussion forums on the dark internet are also legal and allow people to communicate their thoughts without worrying about repercussions. You may also use the web to visit online streaming sites without revealing your IP address.

The dark internet can be used for legal and illegal purposes. Your activity will mainly depend on your preference. Being mindful and using the browser for legitimate actions will keep you safe from being charged with hefty fines and offer you enhanced online security.

  1. Your Device Cannot Be Hacked On Dark Web

A loved one may recommend you to use the dark net to stay safe from scammers and hacking. This is because most people believe that this part of the internet cannot be attacked by cybercriminals. Hacking may be difficult on the dark net, but it is not impossible.

Sometimes getting scammed on this net is also easier than on the surface web. This is because most sites on the dark internet do not have SSL certificates. You cannot know whether a platform is legitimate or not without opening it most of the time.

This is why you may encounter sites that remotely plant tools on your device upon opening the website. These tools can then be used to steal data from your laptop or record you through your webcam. Digital wallets can also be easily hacked on the dark net when paying on specific sites.

You will always have to be wary of cybercriminals on the dark web. One way to protect yourself is by avoiding sites without knowing anything about them. Research platforms before using them for watching videos or buying things on the dark net.

Using antivirus software may also protect you from opening malicious sites. Avoid using your office laptop to browse the dark net so that no one can steal your work documents.

  1. Red Rooms On Dark Web

Red rooms on the dark net are famous for allowing random users to watch live videos of people getting tortured or murdered in real-time. Some internet users believe these rooms are legitimate, but red rooms are mainly a legend on this internet.

There is no evidence that these sites are present on the dark net. You will also not encounter such platforms on directories like The Hidden Wiki. This is why it is not true that the dark net has red rooms that let you watch real murders.

However, you should be wary of other violent content on this internet. You may land on sites that post graphic pictures, such as violent content. Most of these images are mainly created using makeup artists, so people are not actually beaten for them.

Similarly, you may encounter fictional crime videos on the dark net. The best way to avoid such content is by not clicking on random links. If you want to visit a site, learn more about it on the surface web or discussion forums before visiting it.

Red Rooms may be a legend, but some criminals may post sexual abuse content. This is not the same thing as a red room because it falls under a different category.

  1. Bitcoin Is The Only Currency That Can Be Used On Dark Web

It is no secret that dark net transactions are mainly performed using cryptocurrency. However, that does not mean that it is the only currency you can use on this web. Other coins, such as non-fungible tokens, Ethereum, Monero, and much more, can be used on the dark net.

You can also use personal credit cards to pay real money for different purchases if the payment method is supported by the site. This is one thing that everyone should avoid because it leads to more hacking incidents.

Financial crimes are common on the dark net, so always use a digital wallet with cryptocurrency to pay for things. It will keep your personal information hidden while allowing you to buy items safely. You should also avoid keeping excess funds in your wallet to prevent financial losses if the account gets hacked.

It is also ideal to use a dark wallet instead of your personal digital wallet that is available on the surface web for better security. The payment method on every site may vary, so always research before converting your currency into specific coins.

You should also avoid purchasing things on the dark net unless absolutely necessary. Websites that take advance payments and some of them do not deliver the products. So chances of getting scammed are relatively higher on this part of the internet.

How To Identify Things That Are Not True On The Dark Web?

Other than the earlier facts, you may have heard more things about the dark net. Some of them may be true, while others may not be. The best way to distinguish between facts and false information is by researching.

You can see news articles on the surface web to learn about the dark net. It is also good to ask people who have been using this web for years. For instance, you may have a loved one who uses the dark net.

Asking questions on forums such as Reddit can also help you learn true things about the dark net.

Final Words

These are the top ten things that are not true about the dark web. You can use it for legal and illegal things. Banned items are available on the dark internet too. Using the Tor browser is also legal in various countries because of its legitimate network. Of course, the sites on the dark net and their activities may differ.

The best way to protect yourself is by using VPN and antivirus software. You must also not click on links without researching the site first. It is also good to not press on ads on any website present on the dark net.

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